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Wireless Presentation System to Multiple Devices

Do you feel presentation a tedious task due to connection of lot of wire to laptop, computer and big display devices? Is setting up presentations’ a painful thing?

What if you are giving a presentation wirelessly in classrooms, boardrooms or in a meeting, you need to be compatible else your presentation will have flaws.Suppose you are using a device for your presentation that doesn’t support Linux or sometimes the clients works in your conference room with an ipad and your presentation device only supports windows OS. So, how about a device that not only solves these problems but also provides many features such as video conferencing?

Here is a solution called PRIJECTOR, Wireless Presentation and Video Collaboration Device.

How it works?

How to use Prijector?

1.Guest Mode : Prijector sits on your existing network by connecting to the ethernet and acting as a Wi-Fi throwing an SSID for presenters to connect

Steps for Guest Mode

Integrated Video Conferencing App

2.Intranet Mode : Prijector sits on your existing network by connecting to the ethernet or to your Corporate Wi-Fi. It shows a 6-digit pairing code using which people presenting can pair from Prijector Companion App without connecting to a new network.

Steps for Intranet Mode


For Android Mode

Android Only Mode is only for mirroring Android, Blackberry and Windows.

Integrated Video Conferencing App

Steps For Configuring Prijector on Android mode:

For android 4.2

Mirroring iPad/iPhone

Make sure your iPad/iPhone is connected to the same Network as Prijector.


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