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Wireless Presentation System Software for Android

9 out of 10 people in this world are using android mobiles and devices to a large extent. Sometimes we even think that it will be so convenient for us if we can use our android devices for giving a presentation. Imagine a situation where there is no need to carry your laptop everywhere because you can have a productive presentation through you android mobiles only.

This can be a great help in the corporate world. But the issue at hand is how to do that? Can we share or mirror our android devices wirelessly to a TV screen or to a Projector. And if we can, will it support all the features running in our android devices. Also we come to think that it will be quite simple in android to establish connection with the remote devices using Wi-Fi.

So how about a devices that lets your android devices to mirror their screens wirelessly to a TV screen or to a Projector. Prijector is one such device through which you can mirror your android mobiles wirelessly. There will be no requirement for any kind of software or app installation on your android devices. Sharing is done through the Wi-Fi features.

How Prijector works?

Prijector is a slick and powerful device that directly connects to your Television or to any Projector.

It is an agnostic wireless screen sharing device that supports full mirroring from Android devices Prijector enables instant and wireless presentation from any mobile. It is intuitive and extremely user friendly.

Connect Prijector to your conference room TV or Projector and instantly start sharing your presentation or your entire screen wirelessly.

Prijector name is automatically detected by your android devices through Wi-Fi and thus, you can mirror your device screen. No need to install any apps on your Devices.

For Android mode

Steps for Configuring Prijector on Android mode:

For android 4.2

wireless presentation system

wireless presentation settings


Prijector wifi

wireless display

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