Don't want to install Prijector app on your laptops to share your presentation/screen?

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Meet The New Wireless HDMI
Transmiter & Receiver.

Some of our large Fortune 500 customers asked us how to screen share wirelessly to Prijector from a PC or a Mac without installing or running prijector app from USB.We tried building a portable app for windows, next we created a zip file that can be run from a USB, and we created an MSI so admins can install the software directly. Our customers kept asking us for more options.So we built the Wireless HDMI Dongle. Just plug in the dongle into your laptops HDMI Port, and automatically start sharing you screen wirelessly. Wireless HDMI Dongle is an add on to Prijector Plus.

wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver

What's the Difference Between Prijector Plus and Prijector Wireless HDMI?

Product Screen Sharing From Android Screen Sharing From iPhone Screen Sharing From Windows Screen Sharing From Mac
Prijector Plus No App Needed No App Needed App Needed No App Needed
Prijector Wireless HDMI Does Not Support Does Not Support No App Needed No App Needed

Adding Wireless HDMI Transmitter, and receiver with Prijector Plus will allow any meeting room to support wireless screen sharing from any and all available devices, without compromising security.

Prijector Plus and Prijector Wireless HDMI are both integrated into one.

Product Android iPhone Windows Mac
Prijector Plus + Prijector Wireless HDMI No App Needed No App Needed No App Needed No App Needed
HDMI transmitter and receiver


Supports video resolutions

  1. VGA through WUXGA
  2. 480i/576i to 1080p@60Hz
  3. 3D video support 1080p/720p.

connect laptop to tv

Wireless HDMI Adapter

Complaint with HDMI 1.4, HDCP2.0

To reduce vulnerability, Wireless HDMI can be a part of your corporate network settings.

Supports Dolby True HD, DTS-HD Master Audio and LPCM digital audio streams up to 7.1 channels

Connect Wireless HDMI to your conference room TV or Projector and experience better audio quality wirelessly.

wireless HDMI audio transmitter

wireless av transmitter

Uncompressed High Definition A/V from source to display

Plug-in Wireless HDMI and enjoy HD Audio Visual Experience.

Zero latency

Wireless HDMI is zero latency.

wireless HDMI

Wireless HDMI Adapter

Wireless extension of HDMI upto 10 meters.

Plug-in Wireless HDMI and enjoy HD Audio Visual Experience.

Support for CEC commands

Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) is an HDMI feature designed to allow the user to command and control up to ten CEC-enabled devices connected through HDMI by using just one of their remote controls

best wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some FAQ's that we think will answer your questions.

Yes, It will work independently. Instead of attaching the Prijector HDMI Receiver to Prijector Plus connect it directly to TV or Projector. For presenting from Microsoft laptops just connect the Prijector HDMI Dongle to HDMI Port on laptops.

HDMI Transmitter Dongle is plugged into Windows Laptops HDMI Port.

HDMI Receiver is Plugged into the HDMI Video In Port of Prijector Plus.