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Customers' testimonial of Prijector

Normally i never purchase first generation technology, but your product did look appealing. Prijector works surprisingly well, and by using this i will definetely advertise and recommend your product.

- Jean Jaques V

Retail Insights Director - Nielson Company

Prijector wifi mode

The two day session using it went VERY WELL. No problems whatsoever and the participants were super impressed.

- Helen Turnbull PhD

CEO, Human Facets LLC

Prijector corporate mode

We are very excited after we used prijector in our conference room. This is exactly what we need. I see the order screen but it only let me order 1 Prijector at a time. I need 5 for the first group of conference rooms. Is there an easy way to order 5 Prijectors ?

- Dov Levy

Prijector platform & Apps

We do IT support. One of our accounts used both Macs and PCs for their conf room with two TVs. They had a mess of wires (DVI, HDMI) under the conf table. If they were all Apple we would have just bought them an Apple TV had them use Airplay and called it a day though Mountain Lion and newer support Airplay. There are also many challenges on making Apple TV work on enterprise networks.

We got some Iogear and Netgear HDMI over-the-air transmitters. They didn't not work well with the Windows machines and did not work with the Macs at all. Plus they were clunky as you had to have a transmitter dongle at the computer and the receiver at the TV. We sent that junk back to Amazon. We ended up cleaning up their cabling the best we could and ensured they had every type of adapter available to accommodate all devices. Prijector Changes all of That.

Prijector platform & Apps

we nerded out hard over conference room hardware today. thanks for the visit @Prijector, looking good.

- Makeshift Society

Prijector chrome extension

Prijector is certainly easy to set up. With the device hooked up to a display either through VGA or HDMI, it's simply a matter of connecting over Wi-Fi to get a set of on-screen instructions for sharing your presentation.

- Philip Michaels

corporate poster

I'm in the UK furniture industry and am connected to multiple practices that specify boardroom and meeting room tables. Prijector would save clients about £300 in cutouts and flaps with power/data.

- Michael Kowalski

Connect Prijector to conference room TV

Some of the VGA connectors (grey) do not have long screws. The blue connectors are fine. If I have it with me, I will use a VGA extender: an adapter for the adapter. I use Scotch tape to join the adapter to one of the grey connectors.

- Graham K. Rogers

wireless web presentation

Thanks @Prijector great idea! Love the concept & seems to be flying off the shelves too. A handy tool for workspaces - what do others think?

- Alliance Virtual @alliancevirtual

corporate firewalls