What if the picture is not on full screen?

Click on 'APPS', go to 'Display Settings' and then select 'Display Position' to adjust the screen resolution.


 What happens if my Television or Projector does not have HDMI in?

  1. If your Television or Projector has a VGA input, please buy a HDMI to VGA convertor.

 What if app is running, but unable to share screen.

  1. Please check if your laptop is connected to the Prijector WiFi.
  2. Check the laptop’s firewall settings and make sure that Prijector app is allowed to accept in coming connections.
  3. If either does not work, please unistall the old app and re-download the app from

 What if screen shows blank?

  1. Please ensure that the Prijector device is switched on.
  2. Please ensure that the Prijector device is connected properly to the Television or Projector
  3. Please ensure that the Television/Projector supports 1080p HD signal, else change the resolution to 720p

 What if laptop is unable to connect to the Prijector WiFi mentioned on the TV screen.

  1. Please reboot the Prijector device.

 What if the screen updates are slow?

  1. The recommended distance between the laptop and the Prijector device for optimal performance is 5 to 7.5 Meters.
  2. The laptop should have 4GB RAM and 2.5 GHz CPU and Wireless-N adaptor.

 What happens if my Television or Projector does not support 1080p resolution?

  1. To change the resolution,
  2. Connect Prijector device to Monitor or Television which supports 1080p resolution and
  3. Go to 'APPS' > 'Display Settings' > HDMI Output Mode Setting' > select 'HDMI 720p 60HZ'

 What if the screen is showing “No screen to share or Prijector is now sharing”?

Prijector device has some older version of app, Please contact our support team on for device update.


 What if the screen is showing “Remote Sharing code not available”?

It means, device does not have internet access. Please configure your WiFi or Ethernet on the prijector device to get the remote sharing code.