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Prijector wifi mode

– Yossie Frankel

Director – Consortium for Information and Academic Technologies

Prijector Review by – Yossie Frankel : One product that I have found that seems to answer most of my concerns!

As I was reading posts from the InTELA – Independent School Technology Educators of Los Angeles ( … shout out to Lori Getz, Donna Mandosa, Kristin McDonald, Angela Neff, Tyler Nguyen, Richard Edmond and Tom Wadbrook…. I saw that some of my colleagues were being “attacked” by the dreaded “AppleTV signal drop!”

Now, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE airplay and the AppleTV but truth be told, it is sometimes a bit of trying relationship. If an iPad loses its Wifi signal for a brief moment then the AppleTV will drop it like a “hot potato!” Now, for the most part, we have fixed these problems at our Consortium Schools (hey… a reason to join!!). The only “downside” is that other non-Apple devices can’t easily attach and share the AppleTV. Yes, there is AirParrot (my all-time fav – shout out to but isn’t there an easier way to have all my devices screen share??

Yes… there is!! One product that I have found that seems to answer most of my concerns is PRIJECTOR (

The Prijector device works with all of the major platforms (the support folks at Prijector indicate that the Chrome OS plug-in will be out soon – I hope so as I have a few installations with Chromebooks). But really gets me about this device is that it actually is a little computer!! Not only can you screen share, but it has built in Wifi, Bluetooth, browser AND it is a stand alone conferencing unit – just add an external camera and “shoot!!” It has two modes of use. 1) It is part of your network – like an AppleTV and you access it with a security code (that is changeable) or 2) It is it’s own Access Point and you just log on to the Prijector and then the Prijector will put you on the Internet (password protected as well). Unlike the AppleTV, Prijector has a built in web browser, so you can surf, link, play from the device itself. This helps save the ever important, and never enough of, Wifi Bandwidth by not having to first stream to the iPad and then re-stream to the screen share device.

Prijector corporate mode

– Michael Mason

Superintendent – Reeds Spring

Prijector Review by – Michael Mason : Prijector has brought a smile to the teachers and the IT team!

Prijector is a boon to our classrooms in more ways than one.

We use multiple devices like iPad & laptops to teach and wires limit the position of our teachers. Prijector helps by not having to connect to wires and one click sharing of your screen. Our teachers are very happy with this new product.

We create a lot of teaching material on iPad and android tablets which was difficult to share with students during the class. Prijector has come in as a handy tool and with very little training, all our teachers can now teach using videos, apps, presentations and the web.

The introduction of Prijector in classrooms has given freedom to our teachers to create varied content.

– Bill Watkins

Vice President – Information Technology

Prijector Review by – Bill Watkins : Prijector is a Game Changer!

Normally i never purchase first generation technology, but your product did look appealing. Prijector works surprisingly well, and by using this i will definetely advertise and recommend your product.

- Jean Jaques V

Retail Insights Director - Nielson Company

Prijector chrome extension

"The two day session using it went VERY WELL. No problems whatsoever and the participants were super impressed."

- Helen Turnbull PhD

CEO, Human Facets LLC

corporate poster

We are very excited after we used prijector in our conference room. This is exactly what we need. I see the order screen but it only let me order 1 Prijector at a time. I need 5 for the first group of conference rooms. Is there an easy way to order 5 Prijectors?

- Dov Levy

Connect Prijector to conference room TV

Prijector wifi mode

– Jonathan T Leonard

IBM (Amazon Review!)

Prijector Review by – Michael Mason : Prijector has brought a smile to the teachers and the IT team!

I have owned a Prijector since before they were available on Amazon, but I can leave a review to help get things rolling.

I work as a Technical Sales Specialist in the software field, so travelling and doing software demos is part of my job. When I do so, I often need to present from different devices and switch between them. I run linux on my laptop, so sometimes I have issues with external displays on projectors at a client site. I originally bought Prijector to eliminate this issue, as I always get maximum resolution when connected to Prijector to display. Additionally, I bought Prijector expecting to be able to use it to not only connect to and share displays, but also to use its network to share data between devices: like an ipad connecting to my laptop for a web service. While the second desired functionality is not fully enabled just yet, it is functional. When I discovered the work around, I reported it the great people in the support department, and they are looking into ways to surface the functionality in better ways. Most companies would not even entertain the idea of a change like this, but the Prijector peeps are outstanding, and i could not ask for better vision and innovative thinking behind a product like this one.

Bottom line is that it works as advertised, and actually does more. You may notice that it has two usb ports and a mini sd card slot with no apparent need for either. This forethought means that the device is well built and intended for further uses as time goes by. When I later examined the device after using for a while, I got the feeling of exceptional quality with a well designed device. I cannot praise it highly enough.

Prijector wifi mode

– Bob Tyson

Professor (Amazon Review!)

Prijector Reviews By – Bob Tyson : It does what it says!

It does what it says, gracefully. I write having proved the gadget in rehearsal to a university teaching gig where it will permit me to put imagery on-screen at the same time I may show to a few students at a time the smaller, more precise screen of the laptop in order to bring attention to important particulars.

The ability to do that, untethered, is terrific. I am one who moves throughout the teaching space so this permits being in the back of the room, say, while drawing attention to something sent to the big screen up front.

The implementation of video via YouTube is especially smooth and effective, whether from the web or playing from archives on one’s laptop. Sound and synch are fine. Image quality on-screen whether for video or just screen duplication is as it would be via hard wire.

But what really stands out is the dedication of Prijector’s developers and tech folks. This is a new product and it is constantly evolving. Prijector has pushed out several iterations of the device’s internal software and of the mobile or laptop app that supports it. When I’ve needed help with any particular the response has been near instantaneous either through online chat or by direct and personal email.

"we nerded out hard over conference room hardware today. thanks for the visit @Prijector, looking good."

- Makeshift Society

wireless web presentation

"Prijector is certainly easy to set up. With the device hooked up to a display either through VGA or HDMI, it's simply a matter of connecting over Wi-Fi to get a set of on-screen instructions for sharing your presentation."

- Philip Michaels

corporate firewalls

I'm in the UK furniture industry and am connected to multiple practices that specify boardroom and meeting room tables. Prijector would save clients about £300 in cutouts and flaps with power/data.

- Michael Kowalski

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"Some of the VGA connectors (grey) do not have long screws. The blue connectors are fine. If I have it with me, I will use a VGA extender: an adapter for the adapter. I use Scotch tape to join the adapter to one of the grey connectors."

- Graham K. Rogers

corporate firewalls

"Thanks @Prijector great idea! Love the concept & seems to be flying off the shelves too. A handy tool for workspaces - what do others think?"

- Alliance Virtual @alliancevirtual

wireless web presentation