Prijector To Launch Prijector Plus At CES Asia

Shanghai, China – Prijector, a slick and powerful tiny device that enables users to directly connect their digital devices to any projector or television source, this week announced they will be unveiling their next Prijector edition, the Prijector Plus, in Shanghai at CES Asia next week. CES Asia, a massive technology conference over three days for companies and individuals to showcase and share their latest innovative developments and inventions, will be hosting its second consecutive event this year in the heart of Shanghai.

“CES Asia is a monumental technological gathering for the best and brightest innovate minds worldwide,” said Sunil Coushik, Founder and Owner of Prijector. “We feel it’s a fitting location to unveil the next installment in our ground breaking versatile Prijector device capabilities. With the Prijector Plus, the new hardware and chipset will enable the quickest, most reliable meeting room device possible today.”

The Prijector Plus is designed to simplify the multiple components in a meeting room. It will enable users to wirelessly present from Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. The Plus was built as a hub for any meeting or conference room and integrates with the Presenting Devices, Applications, Meeting Room Schedules and Networks.

“To create the Plus Device, we were uncompromising in its design and engineering,” said Coushik. “We have set a new standard for delivering the best Meeting Room Device in the market.”

The Plus integrates with video conferencing equipment by connecting it through HDMI, thereby eliminating the need of multiple remote controls. Additionally, it comes with multiple USB ports that extend the hub to function as a powerful video conferencing hardware supporting any third party USB Web Camera, Keyboard and Mouse.

Prijector features

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