Introducing mCloud - The Meeting Room IOT Platform

The mcloud is a cloud based Service controller

It is estimated that approximately 12 minutes are wasted when people try connecting laptops to projectors or TVs in meeting rooms.

It is estimated that 15% of an organization’s collective time is spent in meetings. Imagine all the time wasted in your organization when meetings don’t begin on time and the productivity loss associated with it.

We spent the last two years building Prijector - A meeting room in a box. As we kept building Prijector, we realised the challenge was not just offering features like wireless presentations, guest internet access, and video conferencing apps.

The challenge is the legacy infrastructure in the meeting rooms like the screen or the Projector that Prijector is connected to, the existing video conferencing equipment that is in the meeting room, the internet connection that is in the meeting room, multiple remote controls that are in the meeting rooms. Each one of these equipment can break down or work intermittently causing delays.

We designed Prijector Plus our new hardware as a hub that connects to screens (TVs or Projectors), external video conferencing equipment and corporate networks.

The Prijector Plus Hub then connects to mCloud, putting all meeting room equipment into a Singular Central Dashboard. If a meeting attendee has any issues getting a meeting started they can seek help by clicking a button on Prijector. Prijector notifies the available admin who can resolve the problem without having to physically come to the meeting room.

The mCloud is a scalable cloud-based service controller that allows managers who manage meeting rooms to troubleshoot any issues meeting attendees encounter in meeting rooms. This includes switching modes between HDMI Sources during presentations and video conferencing, managing guest WIFI connectivity in meeting rooms, locking meeting room screens to protect on going meetings, controlling volume of the video conferencing equipment, managing Prijector Plus devices with latest updates, customizing screens with marketing messages on the TV screen in the meeting rooms, and more.

mCloud will be available to users from 27th of June. This is just the beginning of our exciting journey of putting each meeting room on the cloud.

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