Prijector Launches Prijector MMX , A Windows Application for Better Audio & Video Streaming on Prijector.

Prijector MMX

When we started Prijector 2 years ago our goal was to make wireless screen sharing possible in meeting rooms. One of the challenges we wanted to solve was when users wanted to share a video through Prijector on TV and Projector Screens.

So we built our first version of video screen sharing support called auto sensing. Auto Sensing identifies a video when played (youtube or native video) and sends the stream as a video. This enabled us to stream 1080p and even 4k videos.

Auto Sensing worked well but one of the cases we had not handled well was if a presentation had a video embedded in it. This is a common feature requested by our educational customers. They wanted us to support it. They wanted a seamless experience.

After working hard on this feature we are pushing a new release today called Prijector MMX for windows platform. This will take the screen that is shared as a video stream with audio automatically. So your videos plays perfectly with sound on Prijector even if the video is embedded into a Slide Deck. The app is still in BETA and will be eventually be integrated into a single Prijector Laptop App. A video below shows how this technology works when you share from Youtube!

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