An Entirely New Approch
To Meeting Rooms.

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Building a device that changes the way presentations are done in conference rooms requires extraordinary talent from different cross-connected disciplines. Our 40 people team in Cupertino, India and Hong Kong, consist of the best experts in areas like embedded system engineering, industrial design, application development, user experience and more. We don't try to predict the future. We just create it. We test it, fix it and iterate fast in order to deliver the most advanced Peasy & Prijectors. You won't be able to distinguish our technology from magic.

Sunil Coushik - Founder & CEO

Sunil has founded and run multiple high-tech companies in the internet and telecom sectors. Before Prijector he was the founder and president of Bubble Motion, Bubble Motion has attracted venture capital to the tune of $50 Million from VCs like Sequoia Capital. Before Bubble Motion he was the CEO and founder of Ceasewire Labs which was a mobile company.

CEO Sunil Coushik