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Do This.

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Projector setup is the worst. You know it. We know it.With peasy,simply share your screen wirelessly.

Flexible Modes

Peasy works in two modes - You can choose the mode by toggling a button on Peasy home screen.

WIFI Mode :

Peasy acts as a Hotspot and can work with zero setup. Open your Laptop and start sharing!

Corporate Mode:

To reduce vulnerability, Peasy can be a part of your corporate network settings.

wireless projector mode
wireless projector apps

Platform & Apps.

Peasy is built as a platform with an app store. The app store allows you to discover new applications that can keep meetings more productive.

Video and Sound

Add Youtube link to the Peasy app or choose a native video and wow your audience with clear picture and sound.

wireless video presentation system
conference room projector

Simple to use - Click and Share

Connect Peasy to your conference room and instantly start sharing entire screen wirelessly.

Guest Internet Access

Give Internet Access to Your Guests through Peasy Wireless Hotspot. Your Reception does not have to keep password slips at the reception and ask before every meeting if your guests need internet access.

wireless hotspot

Peasy now supports iPhone and iPad

Present wirelessly from iPhone and iPad. Peasy automatically detects iPhones and iPads using Airplay and mirrors the screen. No need to install any apps on your iDevices.

Peasy now supports Linux

Present wirelessly from Linux Laptops or Linux Desktops. Download our Linux application on your Linux OS and start sharing wirelessly.

laptop to projector sharing
wireless presentation


Peasy works inside corporate firewalls. Plug Peasy in to your corporate and educational network and get wireless presentations started. No individual or corporate network configuration needed.

Browser Extension

Don't want to download the Peasy app? Download our chrome extension and start presenting from any Chrome Browser. Chrome Plugin also works well with Chrome OS Laptops.

Peasy app
conference room technology


Customize the Peasy Launch screen and change it to your company corporate messaging, new product launches, employee of the month, Goals of the month and more. Our Web Console allows you to upload your corporate posters and manage.


We have incorporated a full blown browser into Peasy. Have something to show on the web? Walk into meetings hands free, and use Peasy Browser to show present your idea.

conference presenter
USB presentation


Want to show files that are on a USB? Peasy has Three 3 USB ports. Insert your USB into one of Peasy ports, and just run the files directly. Currently we are supporting all office and media files.