1. How to configure WiFi on Prijector Device?
  2. Ordering & Shipping
  3. Technical Specifications
  4. Demo Related Queries
  5. What if the picture is not on full screen?
  6. What happens if my Television or Projector does not have HDMI in?
  7. What if the app is running, but unable to share screen?
  8. Configuring WPA2 Enterprise Network of Prijector
  9. what if the Prijector app not validating the Remote Sharing Code or showing Invalid Code?
  10. What if the screen shows blank?
  11. What if the screen updates are slow?
  12. What happens if my Television or Projector does not support 1080p resolution?
  13. What if the screen is showing “No screen to share or Prijector is now sharing”?
  14. What comes in the box?
  15. How to install Prijector app on Windows?
  16. How to play youtube video on Prijector device?
  17. Bandwidth Requirement
  18. what if the user don't have admin rights to install the Prijector App on your PC/Laptop?
  19. How to get audio output from Prijector?
  20. The application failed to start because MSVCP100.dll was not found
  21. Is it possible to run the Prijector device without connecting it to a network?
  22. Time Scale :Express mode
  23. Video Conference Mode
  24. Same network multiple subnet
  25. Webcam for Skype,Hangouts and Lync
  26. What if Prijector app showing blank screen in guest mode on windows?
  27. what if your wireless network is hidden?
  28. List of Port to be allowed on your Network
  29. What if the laptop is unable to connect to the Prijector WiFi mentioned on the TV screen?
  30. What if the screen is showing “Remote Sharing code not available”?
  31. RESET option
  32. How to change the Resolution on the Prijector Device?
  33. How to configure Ethernet on Prijector device?
  34. Device port description
  35. How to play Native video on Prijector device?
  36. Screen trimming
  37. Video Conference Application
  38. Remote Description
  39. Lock ON