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How can I project my presentation wirelessly from iPad/iPhone using prijector?

There is a myth that follows wireless projection in conference rooms, that only wifi enabled laptops can be used for the process ?


Our device Prijector is a cross platform Wireless Presentation Device supports all operation system like Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android ,Windows/Blackberry tablets.

Integrated Video Conferencing App

Prijector can be connected to any display by HDMI or HDMI-VGA converter and creates a wireless projection in full HD 1080p resolution. 

Prijector has a built-in wireless hotspot. When enabled, this can provide a Wi-Fi signal for guests and meeting participants.

Connecting iPhone/iPad to the Prijector

Step 1 - Prijector and IOS device should be in the same network and connected to the wifi..

Integrated Video Conferencing App

Integrated Video Conferencing App

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