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How can I project my presentation wirelessly from Computer?

No more searching for cables, tripping on wires or calling your IT department.

Why waste time in setting up a presentation? when just a tap can help!

Try Prijector, a powerful wireless presentation device.

Simple to use, plug and play with wireless presentation and video conferencing capabilities, integrated with built in video conferencing applications, Prijector is a cross platform Presentation Device that allows the users to present wirelesselyfrom their  Windows, Mac, Linux , IOS, Android,  Windows and Blackberry  tablet.

Integrated Video Conferencing App

BYOD (Description and Capability)

Integrated Video Conferencing App

Prijector comes with a built-in wireless hotspot. When enabled, the device projects Wi-Fi signal which can be used by guests and meeting participants.

How to setup Wireless Video Conferencing within a minute using Prijector?

Prijector can be configured in two ways:

1.Guest Mode : The prijector can be connected to your existing network by connecting it to the Ethernet, the device will act as a wifi hotspot to which the presenters can directly connect with just the authentication id and password.

2.Intranet Mode : Prijector can be connected to your existing network using the ethernet or to your Corporate Wi-Fi. Presenters can then connect to the device using yhe prijector application (supplied with the device) by using a 6 digit pairing code shown in the application without even connecting to a network.

Guest Mode configuration -

Integrated Video Conferencing App

Application configuration on Laptop / pc

Intranet Mode Configuration


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