Prijector Features

Prefered Setup

This is the default setting. Prijector will be a WIFI hotspot which broadcasts its WIFI network for your presenting devices to connect. This setting is ideal for guests and company employees.

Prijector wifi mode

LAN Setup

This configuration enables Ethernet and turns off the hotspot. Here Prijector gets network connection only through LAN.

Prijector LAN setup

WIFI Setup

This configures the WIFI and disables Ethernet even when connected. Here Prijector connects to an authenticated WIFI network.

WIFI setup

Browser Extension

Don't want to download the Prijector app? Download our chrome extension and start presenting from any Chrome Browser. Chrome Plugin also works well with Chrome OS Laptops.

Prijector chrome extension


Customize the Prijector Launch screen and change it to your company corporate messaging, new product launches, employee of the month, Goals of the month and more. Our Web Console allows you to upload your corporate posters and manage.

corporate poster

Simple to use - Click and Share

Connect Prijector to your conference room TV or Projector and instantly start sharing entire screen wirelessly.

Connect Prijector to conference room TV


We have incorporated a full blown browser into Prijector.Have something to show on the web? Walk into meetings hands free, and use Prijector Browser to present your idea.

wireless web presentation


Prijector works inside corporate firewalls. Plug Prijector in to your corporate and educational network and get wireless presentations started. No individual or corporate network configuration needed.

corporate firewalls

Video and Sound

Add Youtube link to the Prijector app or choose a native video and wow your audience with clear picture and sound.

Wireless video sharing

Platform & Apps

Prijector is built as a platform with an app store. The app store allows you to discover new applications that can keep meetings more productive..

corporate firewalls