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Conference Room Solution wireless presentation system

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"The key value proposition of Prijector is wireless presentations,multiple device support and simplicity"

Don Levy, President and CTO of Dovel Technologies

A leading IT systems provider that has been at the forefront of implementing information technology systems for the United States Government, based in Virginia that uses Prijector in all their conference and meeting rooms.

Prijector is so simple to deploy and use, we didn't have to pull wires between the Projector and the tables including expensive core drills in concrete floors. Today we can have people come with any device, connect, present or demo with no messy cables all over the tables. People inside the conference rooms get everything they need and everything works right out of the box just like it’s supposed to.

With the proliferation of BYOD throughout enterprise networks, administrators are looking to support the ability of multiple devices to connect wirelessly with displays and projectors in conference and meeting rooms using a simple solution,

These latest software features with Prijector hardware platform provide administrators with the essentials to simplify their increasingly dynamic environments.