Prijector Pro Consulting Customer Story

Client : USA
Industry : Consulting
Products/Services : Business
Locations : National - 2 Locations
Number of Meeting Rooms : 15

Challenges :

The client wanted to support Wireless Screen Sharing, Airplay, ChromeCast, Windows and also implement Wireless HDMI for customers who could not use Airplay, ChromeCast or Windows Screen Share. These features were blocked on some of the computers. Also, the laptops could not run an app from the USB as the USB was also Disabled. The Only Available port for display on these computers was HDMI.

Solution :

Prijector implemented Prijector Pro and Prijector HDMI for the customer. The combination of Prijector Pro and the Prijector HDMI not only supported laptops that allowed Airplay, Windows, and Chromecast but also any laptop with an active HDMI port. Prijector Pro Integrates with Prijector HDMI using a Switch. This allowed customers to plug HDMI into their laptops and start sharing their screens on the Prijector Pro right away.

Solution highlights :

  • All in One meeting room Device.
  • Cheaper Cost compared to the AV Solution suggested by their supplier.
  • Easier Management of meeting rooms by the in-house team.
  • Adherence to the restrictions yet achieving their use case requirements without compromise

Business Impact :

Prijector Solved all the issues the customer had before.

  • Lower Cost of Ownership.
  • Easy Management and a Simple to Use Solution.
  • Zoom worked like a Charm with a 10X Zoom camera that the customer got.

Prijector offers Customised solutions for Large Customers. Please send us an email at for more information.