Prijector Pro IT Customer Story

Client : Global Company
Industry : I.T
Products/Services : Software Services
Locations : Global - 72 Locations
Number of Meeting Rooms : 250

Challenges :

The client wanted to provide and maintain a high standard of connectivity in meeting rooms. However, managing the HDMI/VGA/DVI ports in each meeting room was challenging. They had a dedicated support team of 25 people globally managing these meeting rooms. The AV team wanted a solution that could help them manage 250 rooms in a better way.

Solution :

Prijector was implemented as an add on to each projector installed in 250 meeting rooms. These Meeting Rooms were managed by mCloud, our meeting room controller web software in an On-Premise way.

Solution highlights :

  • No more wires in any of the meeting rooms
  • Analytics on how the meeting rooms were being used
  • On-premise Web-based mCloud Installation to manage all devices within the company.
  • Customized Instructions to make Prijector work better for the customer.

Business Impact :

Prijector was an instant hit within the company.

  • 92% Reduction in Connectivity complaints from the people using meeting rooms.
  • 8% of Issues were training them on how to connect to Prijector.
  • Tracking which meeting rooms were being used the most
  • AV Team could focus on more conferencing issues instead of connectivity issues.

Prijector offers Customised solutions for Large Customers. Please send us an email at for more information.