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Wireless Screen Sharing

Being able to share your content wirelessly is always an amazing job. Sharing screen wirelessly makes your presentations easier and effective because you do not need to fight with network cables. It saves your time and gives a better look to your conference/meeting rooms. We know that every device has a different functionality and not all the devices support all types of cables and connectors such as VGA, Mini DVI etc.

We all know that everyone is interested in knowing trending technologies in a cost effective way. Now we can share our laptop/mobile screen wirelessly with a device that works seemlessly. So how about the device that provides you a best wireless connection and share your screen from any devices wirelessly so that you can access everything through your laptop/mobile on a TV screen.

Here is a Solution called PRIJECTOR which enables you to share your screen with a TV or a Projector wirelessly.

The Idea is simple: Connect your computer to Prijector wireless network, Install its software and share your screen over the wireless network.

Integrated Video Conferencing App

Prijector Works in 2 Modes :

Guest Mode : Prijector sits on your existing network by connecting to the Ethernet and acting as a Wi-Fi, throwing an SSID for presenters to connect. It also shows you a sharing code in the footnote if you want to use it in Intranet Mode.

Integrated Video Conferencing App

2.Intranet Mode :In case of Intranet mode, Prijector sits on your existing network by connecting to the Ethernet or to your Corporate Wi-Fi. It shows a 6-digit sharing code. Then Type in the sharing code on Prijector Companion for screen sharing.


Android Mode:

Android Mode is only for mirroring Android, Blackberry and Windows.

Steps for Configuring Prijector on Android mode:

Go to “setting” on your android device and select “display”. Go to cast screen/screen mirroring and select Prijector device.

For android 4.2

Go to “setting” and select “display”.

Go to wireless display and select Prijector device.

Ipad/iPhone Mirroring:

Prijector also supports mirroring from Ipad/iphone through the airplay feature.

How it works

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