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Wireless Screen Mirroring for Windows 8

Quite a long time ago, the only broadcasting option was TV shows. Progressively, we moved towards PC-based administrations. And soon wireless technology came into existence. Being able to share your content wirelessly is always an amazing job. Sharing windows 8 screen remotely makes your presentations less demanding and powerful on the grounds that you don't have to battle with system cables. It saves your time and gives a superior look to your gathering/meeting rooms. We know that each gadget has a different functionality and not all the gadgets support all types of links and connectors, for example Mini DVI, VGA, etc.

Windows Screen Mirroring

Wireless innovation has changed the way we used to go on by means of links/cables, particularly in the business environment. When we join laptop/system to Projector through links we deal with large number of wires. All projectors have issues in running easily with distinctive Operating System.

Windows Phone Mirroring

So, why not have a device which is free from all this stuff? Prijector, a Wireless Presentation and Video collaboration device that makes your presentation wireless. Sharing your contents, games, and photographs over your gadgets just got amazingly simple. Prijector gives you a chance to share your windows 8 screen over the air, in clear HD, with virtually break free quality.

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