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wireless screen mirroring - samsung

Mirror your mobile content on your Samsung television screen. We all know that Samsung smart TV supports screen mirroring from Samsung mobile devices. How will it be if you are able to share from any mobile device which supports screen mirroring other than Samsung devices, onto the Samsung TV? Prijector makes it possible with its ability to support various OS platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows phone. you can enjoy your mobile phone apps, games and content on your samsung television screen without worrying about compatibility. Prijector’s enhanced screen mirroring technology makes the process simple, just change the TV source to the connected HDMI source of the Prijector, open the notification panel on your android mobile device, select the Screen Mirroring icon and select the Samsung TV, likewise, use ‘Airplay’ in iOS and ‘Project my screen’ in windows phone. In case of video mirroring from your mobile device, Prijector not only mirrors the video on your Samsung Tv, but it streams the video in the full HD 1080P resolution.

Ipad Mirroring

Steps to mirror Mac on a monitor

Ipad Mirroring

wireless screen mirroring windows 8

Tips to mirror your Windows 8 PC from Prijector onto your TV

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