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Wireless Presentation System

Earlier, presentations meant a pretty complex task where specialist was assigned exclusively just to setup the hardware required for the event. There were lots of inconveniences faced by the people in setting up the presentations. Presentations, not only play an important role in the corporate sectors, but also in the Educational fields.

Even though Projector helps in setting up the presentations, it is a bit time consuming approach since it requires so many wires or cables to be connected here and there. Also, it makes the room look untidy with cables scattered all around.

Isn’t that good if we can present wirelessly without making use of a single cable and rest all just happens with a click of a button??

cluttered enviromment

Prijector is one such device called Prijector which directly connects to your Television or Projector and helps with wireless screen sharing or mirroring from almost all the Operating Systems. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, iPad, Android, Blackberry. I.e. we can make presentations using any of these devices wirelessly.

You can share any of your files such as video, PPTs, Audio etc. even without the internet. Yes, Prijector comes with 3 different settings, meticulously designed to meet specific requirements in a typical meeting room scenario. These are, the Preferred Setting, the LAN Setting and the Wi-Fi Setting.

Preferred Setting :

Prijector Guest Mode Setting

In Preferred Setting, Prijector sits on the existing corporate network by connecting to the ethernet and acting as a Wi-Fi, throwing an SSID for presenters to connect, here presenters can share even without internet.

LAN Setting :

Prijector LAN Setting

In LAN Setting, Prijector connects to your existing network by LAN and the presenting devices which are on the same network can share the screen.

Wi-Fi Setting :

Prijector LAN Setting

In Wi-Fi Setting, Prijector connects to your existing network by Wi-Fi and the presenting devices which are on the same network can share the screen.

Prijector is a convincing Wireless Presentation device in both Enterprise as well as Educational sectors. In an Enterprise company, setting up a meeting using Prijector becomes easy as we can present wirelessly by clicking share button on the Prijector’s App.

In Educational institutions, Prijector plays a very important role because it helps the teachers to share their ideas with the students and vice versa by using their own devices without using a conventional Projector. This way of Wireless Presentation makes it the next best thing in a conference scenario.

Wireless presentation is indispensble in today’s meeting rooms.. Prijector is one device which offers wireless screen sharing from any devicePrijector’s integrated 3 USB ports and a memory card slot makes it extremely easy for a presenter without even having the need of a PC. Added to that, the integratedvideo Conferencing Apps make it a quintessential conference room solution for any Corporate or an Educational institution.

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