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Have a look at the best Wireless Presenter for your meeting rooms. Make your meetings work better with this All-IN-One Conference room devoce.


In today's business world, meetings with internal and external people have become all necessary to achieve the desired goals. The results of a recent Infocom Survey showed that 87% of participating individuals preferred meeting in person. Meeting rooms and huddle room, therefore form the backbone of any corporate office. The test lies in creating meeting rooms which allow for such one-on-one meetings to be meaningful and productive with a full participation of all. That is where the technology comes to help.

So what we really need is wireless presentation adapter: It ensures sharing of data from all participants' devices. No time wasted in selecting right cables and connectors and passing them around. No IT/AV teams's intervention. The best part being that is work on all devices. People using different devices- smartphones, tablets, laptops or Mac Books can share the data stored on their devices with everyone present there.

There is no need for any combersome cabling as the device is Wi-Fi. Just connect Prijector wireless presentation device to a TV or a projector and launch the companion appand click on share butten -- and it automatically picks up the device of the participant and displays the content on the meeting room display screen.

So while using Prijector wireless HDMI adapter in a meeting, the engagement is 100% as no one in left out. This means a meeting can be made more constructive and beneficial by just choosing the right device. Working together makes a great team that has a better capacity to solve problems expenditiously with valuable ideas and take instant decisions.

Prijector: Wireless Presentation DEvice and its Usability

As per fast-moving world, every day, a new challenge comes, and we have to overcome the problem. Engineers designed the system to overcome that problem. Improving meetin dyanamics an reaching decisions faster are two of the main challenges in meeting room today. If you attend a meeting where you have to show your presentation on your own device like smartphone, Laptops, Tablet, etc. Then what you do?

Ok, In a differnt scenario where the hi-profile meeting is going on and the entire top person like MD, DGM, VC, etc. are sitting in a meeting. And if, one by one everyone has to show their data on the screen, and IT person is required to plug the cables into that person's device that want to show their data & after that, they have to do the same process again. In this scenario, the momentum of meeting breaks all the time. So in this type of situation, all you need is to present data is the USB wireless adapter.

Prijector wireless network adapter provides full HD Wireless Presentation on any computer, Mac, PC or iPad. It makes meeting room's data presentation hassl free because no need of massive tangles of cables & connectors required to present data on-screen it is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating system also with Android devices.

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