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Wireless Multimedia Projector

Wireless multimedia projectors widely used in offices, lecture halls, conference and class rooms, in home theaters for cinema and gaming. Once upon a time Multimedia Projector was just like a projector that only did video and transferring the data, But now wireless multimedia projector has capable to do many things.

It supports different media’s and has a good functionality. Wireless Multimedia Projectors help us to make our path easier when we want to project our data to everyone. Nowadays everyone wants to connect with new technology and find a medium to save his money and time to fix anything. Wireless Multimedia projectors are the best medium to connect where you don’t have to worry about to fix the cables but what should we have to do to connect projector to TV wirelessly?

Here we have solution called PRIJECTOR, a wireless Presentation and Video collaboration device that makes your presentation wirelessly. It supports every OS platforms such as Mac, Linux, Windows, iPad/iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

Prijector is the best solution in the market that facilitates devices to mirror their screen wirelessly. Through Prijector users simply get into the room and connect their device whether a smart phones, Tablet or laptop and get to work by clicking on “Share” button. Prijector connects to any display by HDMI or HDMI-VGA converter and creates a wireless projection in full HD 1080p resolution. Prijector has a built-in wireless hotspot. When it is enabled then provide Wi-Fi signal for guest and meeting participants.

Prijector works in 2 modes :

1. Guest Mode : Prijector sits on your existing network by connecting to the Ethernet and acting as a Wi-Fi, throwing an SSID for presenters to connect. It also shows you a sharing code in the footnote if you want to use it in Intranet Mode.

Steps for Guest Mode

  • Prijector default mode is guest mode.
  • Go to settings>Ethernet>enable it.
  • Download Prijector App from device using the https://www.prijector.com/downloads/
  • Prijector’s Wi-Fi and password will be visible on the screen.
  • In laptop Wi-Fi connection search Prijector’s Wi-Fi.
  • Connect your device to Prijector’s hotspot.
  • Open the Prijector App and click on share.
  • Prijector will start sharing your Laptop screen or any device.
Prijector Guest Mode

2. Intranet Mode :In case of Intranet mode, Prijector sits on your existing network by connecting to the Ethernet or to your Corporate Wi-Fi. It shows a 6-digit sharing code. Then Type in the sharing code on Prijector Companion for screen sharing

Steps for Intranet Mode

  • Connect Prijector to a TV or to a Projector.
  • Use the remote or mouse and click on intranet.
  • Click on Setting.
  • Configure Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  • Connect both your device and Prijector to same network.
  • Enter sharing code on Prijector app on your Laptop and click ‘share’ button.
  • Prijector will start sharing your Laptop screen.
Prijector Corporate Mode

For Android mode :

Android Mode is only for mirroring Android, Blackberry and Windows devices.

Steps for Configuring Prijector on Android mode :

  • Go to “setting” on your android device and select “display”.
  • Go to cast screen/screen mirroring and select Prijector device.

For android 4.2

  • Go to “setting” and select “display”.
  • Go to wireless display and select Prijector device.

iPhone/iPad Mirroring :

  • Prijecto also supports mirroring from iPad/iPhone through the airplay feature.

How it works

  • Make sure your iPad/iPhone is connected to the same Network as Prijector.
  • Swipe from the bottom.
  • Choose AirPlay.
  • Click on the Prijector Name scroll down and enable mirroring.
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