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Wireless Conference Room Solution

Wireless presentation is quickly becoming prevalent, even standard infrastructure for conference rooms across the globe. Making Presentations wirelessly accessible empowers the participants in a room to share information more freely and naturally, improving meeting results and productivity.

In the future when we look back, we suspect the evolution of wireless presentations from our current displays will seem obvious - the same way color televisions were a natural progression from the black and white sets. But, as the adage goes, hindsight is 20-20. Right now, as we live through the adoption phase, there's a gap between previous standards - i.e. the old way of doing things - and the new technology that will shape the future. As a provider of a wireless presentation solution, we want to offer an overview for those that may be new to the technology - what wireless presentations are, what differentiates wireless presentation solutions, and how they are shaping the future of conferences and collaboration at the crossroads of our digital and interpersonal lives.

A wireless presentation is any type of presentation that involves the use of devices such as - flat panel LED, LCD, projector, video wall, etc. - that can be accessed wirelessly from a separate device - such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone. The vast majority of solutions available in the market operate over standard IP networks like Wi-Fi. In other words, users join the Wi-Fi network that the wireless presentation is attached to in order to connect. In general, today's enterprise conference solutions are separate consoles or dongles that plug into existing displays to make the presentations wirelessly accessible.

laptop to TV screen mirroring

Using the wireless presentation technology, enable users to share content from a device to the display without being tethered to the display by way of a video cable. If you've ever walked into a conference room to give a presentation, you probably had to plug an HDMI or VGA cable into your laptop in order to show your presentation up on the main screen. Wireless Presentation cuts the cable in conference rooms, enabling users to present on the main screen wirelessly.

On the other hand, wireless solutions are productivity-focused and usually support a broader range of content like business applications, presentations, etc as well as a broader range of user devices like Windows, Apple, and Android.

Unlimited users with unlimited sharing

The single biggest factor that sets wireless collaboration solutions apart is the ability to support any number of connected users sharing any amount of content on the display.. Ideally, users would not be locked into a single person connecting and sharing.

Customizable layouts and user control

In addition to supporting unlimited users and sharing, the ideal scenario would be to give connected users control of both the media content shared (e.g. any users can instantly control their respective presentations without moving away from their places.) The result being engaged meeting participants and higher fidelity results based on user-controlled content and layouts customized for the task at hand. Additionally, the software-based wireless display solution leverages previous investments in the conference room equipment and infrastructure, such as existing in-room PCs and Wi-Fi/Ethernet networks.

Prijector is a leading provider of Projectors solutions for corporate, education, and government markets. Prijector architecture mirroring allow any number of users in the conference room to simultaneously connect and stream content one at a time from the specified Presentation - wirelessly from their own devices using their existing network. It also improves productivity in Conference rooms or meetings.

Transform your meetings now into highly interactive sessions, Go wireless and keep the cables at bay.

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