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Wireless presentation in conference room with a click of button using Prijector

For giving a presentation people enter in the conference room, half an hour before the meeting in order to set up the devices through which they are about to present. Although it seems to be easy but can be a real mess if the device supports different cables, wires or adaptors.

Also it is not for sure what other devices people might be using in the conference room. People are moving towards Wi-Fi to give their presentation as it makes the conference room clutter free.

Sometimes you might have wondered.what if i could start my presentation by just clicking on a button without any hassles of wires, cables and adapters. So how about a device that enables wireless sharing from your device so that you present seamlessly without any of these hassles.

Here is a solution called the PRIJECTOR, Wireless Presentation and Video Collaboration Device. It’s a Wi-Fi device which enables you to share your screen with a TV or a projector wirelessly.

Prijector PRO

Prijector is a slick and powerful device that directly connects to your Television or to any Projector.

It is an agnostic wireless screen sharing device that supports full mirroring from Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone – Never needing to connect “VGA” “Mini DVI” or “Wires” to present.

Prijector enables colleagues, students, teachers and corporate people to wirelessly share, present and interact with each other in real-time.

Here cables are not needed, you just have to click on share button and start your presentation. It is intuitive and extremely user friendly.

Connect Prijector to your conference room TV or Projector and instantly start sharing your presentation or your entire screen wirelessly with just a click of button.

Prijector automatically detects iPhones and iPads using Airplay and mirrors the screen. No need to install any apps on your Apple Devices.

How to set up The Prijector?

  1. Connect power supply adapter to the Prijector device.
  2. Connect one end of the HDMI cable to HDMI OUT port on Prijector.
  3. Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to HDMI input port on the television or projector.
  4. Connect LAN cable to the Ethernet port of Prijector device.
  5. Power on the device.

Prijector works on following modes:-

1. Preferred Setting

This works both as Preferred and LAN Setting. Prijector sits on your existing network by connecting to the Ethernet and acting as a Wi-Fi throwing an SSID for presenters to connect. It also shows you a Sharing Code in the footnote if you want to use it in Intranet Mode.

Prijector Guest Setting

2. LAN Setting

In case of LAN Setting, Prijector sits on your existing network by connecting to the ethernet, It shows a Wi-Fi name using which people presenting can pair from Prijector Companion App without connecting to a new network.

Prijector LAN Setting

Prijector Companion App:-

Prijector app can be installed on Windows, Linux Laptops and on MacBook as well.Open Prijector app and click on share, your laptop screen will start sharing.

Prijector App
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