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How To Mirror iPhone To TV Wireless

The technological advancements have made today’s communication easier which paved the way for wireless interfaces in electronic equipment, subsequently increasing our dependency on them. Prijector stands contemporary with this leading advancement of wireless technology by possessing outstanding wireless screen sharing capabilities.

A conference room is where collaboration happens and Prijector makes your meeting more effective by offering multiple user access and not being confined to one or any distinct type of operating system. Prijctor supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, Linux and WindowsPhone.So, that means long gone are the days where the mere matters of platform compatibility was considered as a ‘challenge’.

Apple’s iOS devices are widely used in the world and apparently are more likely to be in greater number when it comes to an official congregation of participants in an official conference session. With Prijector’s outstanding BYOD( Bring Your Own Device) capability, a participant can walk-in to a conference session and start sharing his or her iOS device instantly.

So how to mirror an iphone to a TV wirelessly?

Video conferencing apps

Here are the easy steps –

In Guest Mode

In Intranet Mode

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