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How can I project my presentation wirelessly from Computer?

No more searching for cables, tripping on wires or calling your IT department.

Why waste time in setting up a presentation? when just a tap can help!

Try Prijector, a powerful wireless presentation device.

Simple to use, plug and play with wireless presentation and video conferencing capabilities, integrated with built in video conferencing applications, Prijector is a cross platform Presentation Device that allows the users to present wirelesselyfrom their Windows, Mac, Linux , IOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry tablet.

Prijector supported Operating Syatems

BYOD (Description and Capability)

screen mirroring

Prijector comes with a built-in wireless hotspot. When enabled, the device projects Wi-Fi signal which can be used by guests and meeting participants.

How to setup Wireless Video Conferencing within a minute using Prijector?

Prijector can be configured in two ways:

1. Guest Mode : The prijector can be connected to your existing network by connecting it to the Ethernet, the device will act as a wifi hotspot to which the presenters can directly connect with just the authentication id and password.

2. Intranet Mode : Prijector can be connected to your existing network using the ethernet or to your Corporate Wi-Fi. Presenters can then connect to the device using yhe prijector application (supplied with the device) by using a 6 digit pairing code shown in the application without even connecting to a network.

Guest Mode configuration :

Prijector wifi mode
  1. Connect power supply adapter to the Prijector device.
  2. Connect one end of the HDMI cable to HDMI OUT port on Prijector.
  3. Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to HDMI input port on the television or projector.
  4. For internet access, Connect LAN cable to the Ethernet port of Prijector device.
  5. Make sure you switch the TV source to HDMI Mode after you connect the prijector to your TV or Projector.
  6. Power on the device.
  7. Page would Appear on your TV/Projector as in the image below.
  8. Application configuration on Laptop / PC
  9. Download Prijector App from https://www.prijector.com/downloads/
  10. Install the Application.
  11. Open WIFI Settings Connect to Prijector WIFI with Password you see on the display screen.
  12. Open the Prijector App and Click on the share button.

Intranet Mode configuration :

Corporate Technology
  1. Connect power adapter to the Prijector device and to the power supply socket.
  2. Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI Out on the device and the HDMI input on the TV/projector.
  3. Make sure you switch the TV source to the HDMI Mode after connecting the device.
  4. Connect your mouse to USB port on the Prijector or use Prijector Remote Control.
  5. Prijector Screen should Appear on Your Display.
  6. Click on the Intranet Mode on the Top Right.
  7. Please configure your network Wifi / Ethernet.
  8. The device is now ready in Intranet mode and you will see a sharing code as shown in the image above.
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