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How to connect your iPhone 7 to TV ?

Carrying laptops every time you go out for a meeting ? How if you were able to present even from your mobile devices without the need for carrying your laptops everywhere? The way meetings happen in conference rooms has changed with the advancement of technology. The whole world is moving towards a Wireless technology to make meetings as simple and as effective as possible.

Prijector is one of such technology which supports Wireless screen sharing from all the devices. Cable clutter is no more an issue when it comes to Prijector.

This is how you can share your iPhone 7 screen to TV with Prijector:

  • Connect Prijector to your TV or Projector through HDMI cable
  • Power ON Prijector

Steps to share your iPhone 7 screen in Preferred Setting:

  • Connect your iPhone 7 to Prijector’s Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi name will be displayed on the home screen of Prijector). If Ethernet is connected then directly launch Airplay from your iPhone and enable mirroring.
  • Swipe from the bottom and “Airplay mirroring” in your iPhone 7.
  • Select Prijector Wi-Fi
  • Now you are sharing your iPhone 7 screen to TV.

Steps to share your iPhone 7 screen in LAN Setting:

  • Connect Prijector to your existing corporate or local network through LAN or Wi-Fi.
  • Connect your iPhone 7 to the same network as the Prijector.
  • Airplay will search for the available devices, Select Prijector.
  • Now you are sharing your iPhone 7 screen to TV.

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