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Wireless Screen Mirroring with a Click of a Button

Presentations are the order of the day in any organization. You could be presenting a solution to the client, your report to the senior management or status of the organization to the owners of the company. In all the cases, you need to project what may be on your laptop or mobile so that it everybody has a good of the same.

In the traditional setup, you need to have either the HDMI cable or the VGA cable to connect the laptop or PC to a larger display such as the TV and the projector. As for the small devices such as the mobile phones, you had to but an adaptor compatible with the device and the projection screen.

All this is outdated thanks to Prijector. The small device enables you to stream from laptop to TV or the projector wirelessly. Moreover, it allows you to mirror all the other devices that require adaptors to do so wirelessly. The wifi display acts as HDMI over wifi, enabling you to connect your Device to the TV wirelessly as if you are using HDMI cable.

Prijector is the best Mira cast dongle. It enables different devices to share the display wirelessly. This means that if you have several presenters that are presenting after each other, they will not need to setup the connection each time a new presenter comes on the stage.

wireless screen mirroring

With Prijector's Android Mode, you can perform a Wi-Fi screen share regardless of the device that you are using.

You start by downloading Prijector app and installing it on your device. Follow it up by connecting the Prijector device to your TV over wifi. From your app menu, you can then choose to mirror the screen onto the TV by clicking the share button.

The wireless screen share is quite easy. You can have your presentation ready in just a few minutes without the need to involve the IT department. Forget the hassle of having several adaptors and cables across the room for the purposes of multimedia presentation. With Prijector, the wifi network can be your universal cable from the devices to the display. It supports such technologies as windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Mac OSX, and the Chrome browser. Moreover, it offers the ability to add more presenters to the system by creating a wifi environment around the boardroom that is different from the corporate network.

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