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Wireless Presentation System for Meetings

Nowadays, most of the people believe that presenting using WiFi is very easy as compared to the presentations which gets started by connecting so many cables. Because a lot of wires in the meeting room will make it look messy as well as setting up the environment itself takes some time. Also, some cables or adapters will not be compatible with all the devices.

We need to get the right things to proceed with our meeting. Sometimes it also requires an external person who takes care of setting up the conference room. Don’t we feel this process a bit tedious one?? Even though all goes well, it is a time consuming process.

So, Why don’t we think of a device which makes presentations easy with just a click of a button, that too wirelessly??

wireless hdmi conference room

Here comes Prijector, a Wireless presentation and Video Collaboration device. It allows you to share your screen with the Television or a Projector wirelessly.

rijector is a slick and powerful device which directly connects to your Television or Projector. Prijector enables full-screen mirroring from your Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, Ios, iPad, Blackberry with just a click of share button. It requires no wires or cables.

Prijector operates in following settings :

Preferred Setting :

Prijector Guest Mode Setting

In this setting, the Prijector has built in WiFi hotspot i.e. Even without internet access it allows to share the screen and present wirelessly. It helps the guests in the office to mirror their devices by connecting to the Prijector hotspot with the password provided on the home screen.

LAN Setting :

Prijector Corporate mode

In this setting, we can directly connect Prijector to the corporate WiFi or Ethernet. Here it shows a Wi-Fi name which we can share our screen wirelessly. All that is required is, thepresenting device and the Prijector must be on the same network in order to mirror/share a screen.

Prijector comes with BYOD – Bring Your Own Devices concept. So that, In a meeting it will be very easy for the individuals to make their presentations with their own devices with a faster rate one can ever imagine.

Also, it has 3 USB ports where a flash drive or a pendrive can be easily plugged and shared . It provides an excellent video streaming onto the TV along with transforming the meeting room to a completely wireless room.

Along with all these features it has built-in Video Conferencing apps. Overall Prijector is an All-In-One Conference collaboration device which connects, shares and presents without using a single wire.

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