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A Wireless Presentation System for Standard Meeting Rooms

Corporate presentation eats up a lot of productive time of employees. Nevertheless, corporates do need presentations more often than not, be it before the board members, partners, customers or vendors. Corporate bosses are on the lookout for easier, smoother, faster and friendlier options of office presentations. If you too are looking out for an efficient, versatile, smooth and fast business presentation system you can give Prijector a try.

What is it all about?

Prijector is a wireless presentation system for standard rooms for corporates and businesses. It is basically a multi-device compatible wireless corporate presentation system. It is a powerful and versatile device that will connect to your projector device or television.

wireless presentation system

Main features and advantages -

Wireless presenter

You just need the app that is supplied with the device, and install it in the Windows PC and Linux computer which will share their screen with the device. All the Android smartphones, iOS devices, blackberry devices and Windows Mobile devices will not require any app downloads. Once this is done, you just need to touch or click the share button from the concerned device. It will be automatically projected onto the TV or the projector screen. It is so user friendly!

Share from any device

The real versatility of the system lies in its ability to project the screen of any windows, linux, or Mac computer or any smartphone device like iOS, Android, windows phone or even blackberry on the television or projector screen.

Other Advantages -


Operating system compatibility of the device is also a huge boost in business presentation. Among windows computers it is compatible even with devices running on Windows XP. Among Linux machines it is compatible with devices running on Ubuntu, Fedora and redhat. It is compatible with all android devices featuring Android OS 4.2 and above. Among iOS devices it is compatible with devices running on even iOS 6. It is also compatible with the Google Chrome OS and the browser. However, the versatility and capabilities of this elegant device does not end with this.

Video conferencing with multiple apps

Being able to do corporate presentation through video conferencing is a plus. The device also has all the video conferencing apps in it. There is Skype, Hangouts, Cisco WebEx and a lot more of such apps. . So you just need to plug a webcam to the device and turn it on. You will be able to do video conference through the television or computer connected to the device. You can also add your YouTube link to the app and showcase it during a conference.

Wireless internet hotspot

The device can also act as a wireless internet hotspot. Through this you can give internet access to the guests during a meeting. You don’t need to ask your guest whether they need internet access or not and then handover Wi-Fi passwords to them. You just need to connect the Ethernet connection to the Prijector. The device will act as a router and offer Wi-Fi internet connection.

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