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Wireless Interactive Presentation System

Wireless Interactive Presentation System is a professional presentation device that allows you to connect computing devices through wireless or networked and can project up to full HD resolution without any cables.

Wireless Interactive Presentation System makes connecting to the classrooms, boardrooms or in a meeting room’s projector. This Wireless Interactive Presentation System not only helps the presenter gets the presentation on-screen in a second but also does the presentation interactively.

Try Prijector, as a powerful wireless presentation device. This device directly connects to your Television/Projector, enabling one to share their screen and present wirelessly from Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry tablet.

Prijector provides:-

1. Wireless Presentation :

Present Wirelessly from Windows, Linux, Mac, Chrome OS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phones & Tablets.

Prijector Supported OS

Browser Extension: Don't want to download the Prijector app? Download our chrome extension and start presenting from any Chrome Browser. Chrome Plugin works well with Chrome OS Laptops.

prijector chrome extension

2. Video Conference :

Prijector now supports Skype, Hangouts, Microsoft Lync, Polycom Realpresence, Cisco Jabber, Cisco WebEx, Vidyo, BlueJeans, Lifesize ClearSea.

Prijector Supported Apps

Integrate Hardware Video Conferencing equipment into Prijector. Presenters can toggle between Presentations and Video Conferencing mode using the Prijector Companion App on their laptops. No Changing Source on the TV or Projector needed. Prijector fully integrates Video Conferencing through its Video In Port.

3. Control :

Prijector Controller App for Phone/Tablet helps you take complete control of the Display from your mobile device. Change Modes, Settings, Select Video Conference Apps and key-in the Log-in credentials from mobile device. Can do away with Remote control, Keyboard & Mouse

Tablet screen mirroring

4. Additional Features:

  • Platform & Apps: Prijector is built as a platform with an app store.The app store allows you to discover new applications that can keep meetings more productive. Check out our "App Store".
  • Browser: Full blown browser has been incorporated into Prijector. Have something to show on the web? Walk into meetings hands free, and use Prijector Browser to show/present your idea.
  • USB: Want to show files that are on a USB? Prijector has Three 3 USB ports. Insert your USB into one of Prijector ports, and just run the files directly. Currently we are supporting all office and media files.
  • Posters: Customize the Prijector Launch screen and change it to your company corporate messaging, new product launches, employee of the month, Goals of the month and more. Our Web Console allows you to upload your corporate posters and manage.
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