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Video Sharing with Prijector

Prijector has extensively minimised the actual purpose of a conventional projector by offering ‘wireless’ screen sharing from ‘multiple’ devices. In today’s conference sessions video demonstration is a vital part which is used by organizations. This may include product, service or company promotional videos, training videos and information videos.

Without denying the fact, a projector can certainly project a corporate video onto the big white screen but only with an inevitable compromise in the quality of the video with apparent loss in the resolution.

HolaCam Wireless Video Conferencing apps

Prijector offers full HD video streaming onto your display with enhanced video quality, let alone a loss in resolution. Prijector not only mirrors the video from your sharing device but loads and streams the video with a high definition output, be it local or online videos.

We sure know that a company’s conference room will be, in most cases equipped with the projector, which projects content from a sharing device, which would be apparently a PC or a MAC computer. Now the challenge is the incompatibility issues with the cables where the connecting adaptors are system specific and may not suit a particular computer. It is not all, there is always an inevitable atmosphere of cluttering of numerous cables all around which might just not fit the kind of environment we all are actually in or want to be. We all want our official conference or training rooms to be neat and cable free. Prijector successfully transforms the regular cabled atmosphere into an all new cable free and a wireless environment.

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