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Prijector - A High Quality Visualization Solutions

The next generation conference rooms believe in a highly interactive method of meeting because it is believed that a meeting added with interactions and flexibility for the participants to share their respective ideas proves to be more effective and productive.

These conference rooms are not just the normal meeting rooms where we used to have a large round table with IP phones with a seating accommodation for participants, but equipped with sophisticated, high quality visualization solutions with virtual interaction capabilities.

The present day corporate believes that communication which involves face to face interaction with people or their clients from faraway places to be more successful and contributes to higher chances of a positive business conclusion.

We often witness, despite these technological advancements where participants in a meeting are able to share their ideas from their respective PCs on the big screen with the help of a projector, there are always some essential aspects which still need ease of access.

We can’t help but notice some inconveniences to the participants while trying to establish a connection with the installed projector when they struggle around and getting confused with the cables.

Isn’t that wonderful if these participants are relieved of this complexity of scuffling around these cables but instead could connect wirelessly and share too?

This is where Prijector comes into picture.

Prijector Supported O.S.

It not only transforms a conference room to a completely wireless Audio-Video room but offers a high quality and an exemplary video streaming onto the TV.

Prijector overall is a complete conference presentation and a visualization solution, aimed for the next generation corporate meeting room.

Connect, present, share and video conference..all ‘wirelessly’ - This is what Prijector is all about, Its truly indeed an All-In-One conference collaboration device.

Its high time,..transform your normal meetings into a full-fledged wireless and interactive sessions.

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