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How to mirror IOS9 devices to smart TV or Projector

As we all know, iOS 9 is the ninth release of the iOS mobile operating system designed by Apple Inc where iOS 8 was its predecessor. iOS 9 focuses more on under-the-hood optimizations, it includes many enhancements and improvements to stock applications, improving stability and performance. There have been a lot of exchanges between an iOS device and an Apple TV or any receiver. The basic interface to establish a mirroring connection was entirely revamped. So, many underlying AirPlay components and protocols are entirely different in iOS 9. We sure know that apple uses its own wifi direct and hence apple TV for screen mirroring can be used with apple’s own devices. Prijector solves this compatibility problem by being supportive for apple’s new iOS9 platform.

Prijector, as always was fast enough to be on par with this apple’s new update and optimizations. Prijector’s new IRA6.0 update with enhanced features makes your screen mirroring experience from apple iOS 9 devices even more fascinating.

If you already have a projector set up in your conference room, Prijector easily connects to your projector and transforms your normal conference room into a BYOD Video conference room.

Steps to mirror your iOS 9 device from Prijector.

Guest Mode

Intranet Mode

Mirroring iPad/iPod in Intranet Mode

Prijector triumphs over apple TV in the following ways:

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