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How to connect a smartphone to TV wirelessly?

How often have you wished that you could watch YouTube videos on your smartphone on a bigger screen? Some years ago, this was a bit hard and usually involved using wires, converters, and different devices. Nowadays, you can do it wirelessly. Miracast wireless display technology allows you to beam what you are seeing on your smartphone directly to your TV. This is called mirroring. In other words, you can see content and apps on your TV just as they are on the smartphone.

Now the best work space where a smart phone mirroring will be highly useful is either a corporate meeting room or a school class room. The modern day conference room or a classroom believes in adapting new technologies in the meeting sessions which pave the way for an effective demonstration. With the help of wireless technologies, a meeting, be it an official discussion or a student gathering session can have greater chances of a successful conclusion. We cannot help but think about how wonderful it will be if a meeting participant will be able to share his thoughts with his mobile device wirelessly. This sort of a flexibility is widely accepted today followed by the implementation of the famous BYOD concept in meetings. Prijector, a state of the art wireless presentation device opens the door for the BYOD concept in any meeting scenario which brings along with it, an interactive and a democratic meeting conclusion.

Wireless Projection

There are some components you will need to mirror your smartphone’s screen on the TV.

  1. A smartphone that supports Miracast. Almost all smartphones of the newer platforms on Android, iPhone, and Blackberry support Miracast. Check if the hardware specifications support Miracast. You can download a screen sharing app to check this.
  2. A TV that supports Miracast. Not all TVs support this technology.
  3. A Miracast dongle if your TV does not support Miracast. An example of this dongle is the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. This is a wireless mirroring device that converts wireless signals from your smartphone into signals that can be displayed on the TV screen. The dongle has two ends; one that goes into a USB power source, and another that goes into the TV’s HDMI port. Almost all TVs made in the last decade have an HDMI port.
wireless smartphones mirroring

Setup :

Taking an Android smartphone as an example

  1. You will first need to go to settings. Depending on the brand look for Screen Mirroring, Cast Screen, Allcast share, Wireless display, or something similar. In some devices, you will find this under connect and share function.
  2. Tapping on this function will set off a device just like you see when the smartphone is searching for a Bluetooth device or Wifi connection. Once it identifies a Miracast enabled TV or Miracast dongle, this will be shown on the smartphone as a new screen with a name for example Samsung Bravia.
  3. Tap the name to initiate a connection. If a connection is successfully made, you can connect phone to TV and view whatever content is on your smartphone on the TV screen as long as the connection is working.
  4. To stop mirroring tap on Disconnect.

With screen mirroring, you can watch varied content without worrying about compatibility. You do not have to worry about Digital Rights Management either when watching copyrighted content on YouTube. You can game on your smartphone enjoying the game on a bigger screen. You can also browse the web and mirror iPhone to TV for a better browsing experience.

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