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How to connect Tablet to TV Wirelessly?

It seems quite easy to make your presentation on the tablet as you come to work in the morning. However, you may need to have an adapter or transfer the files from your tablet to a laptop to connect it to the TV. Fortunately, you do not have to go through all this hassle, thanks to Prijector. Prijector is an all-in-one meeting room device that allows you to make presentations wirelesses from any device. You only need to connect Prijector to the TV or the projector and then wirelessly to the device whose screen you want to share on the TV.

These are what Prijector offers you

You can stream from tablet to TV by following a few easy steps :

  • The first step is to connect Prijector device to the TV. This can be done with the ports at the back of your TV. Once you have done this, boot both the TV and Prijector.
  • You do not need to download any apps for you to use Prijector with your Android device as it has an android mode.
  • You need to change Prijector to Android mode to connect Samsung tablet to TV as well as any other Android device. The mode can also be used to mirror Blackberry and Windows devices.
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On your Android device, enable the Wi-Fi connectivity. Then, open the settings screen. Look for the device settings and tap Display option. A drop down menu will pop up. Look for Cast Screen. You will find all the Mira Cast supported gadgets near you under Cast Screen option. For devices running the Android 4.2, go to the wireless display under the display option, which is under the settings menu. Your Android device will automatically detect your Prijector device. Once you have located Prijector under wireless gadgets, click on it to connect.

With Prijector, you can watch tablet on TV with ease, make presentation using tablet to TV mirroring. You can stream movies straight from the internet via your tablet and have the same on your TV in 1080p HD definition. Most of the other technologies such as ChromeCast, Allshare Cast and Apple TV are proprietary and do not offer connectivity to other devices using a different technology. This limits you especially when you need to use a different platform. The option of using cables is cumbersome and may require some IT knowledge to connect phone to TV. Choose Prijector for easy and fast screen mirroring.

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