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How to connect MacBook to a TV or a Projector?

Do you need to present something in front of a crowd of people from your MacBook pro computer? There are a number of ways that this can be achieved. You can use either your TV or the projector. When it comes to the TV, you will be performing a mac screen sharing. As for the projector, you will be sharing whatever is on your screen onto a second screen.

The projectors and the TV have a few ports that can be used to connect to the MacBook like the Mini Display Port to DVI Adapter is required for MAC. Not all methods of connectivity are equal. Let us start with the simplest and the best so far.

Using Prijector

Prijector is an easy to use airplay device for all the devices that offer wireless screen sharing. With the use of the device, you can connect the MacBook to the projector or TV wirelessly with just a few steps :

  1. Connect Prijector to the television through the available ports. The device is a plug and play device. Once you have made the connection, boot the television.
  2. Connect your Prijector to the network. This can either be done in one of the two profiles namely the Guest Mode and the Intranet Mode. The Guest Mode enables connection that is different from the corporate network while the intranet allows you to use the Ethernet and have the device in the corporate network.
  3. Once the internet connection is ready, Launch the airplay application and select your Prijector device and share the whole of the MacBook screen onto the television wirelessly. This is very convenient especially where the MacBook and the TV are not near each other.
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Connecting your MacBook to a Projector

A similar procedure is used with apple screen sharing with the projector. Prijector is connected to the projector as explained in the case of the TV and then Prijector allows easy screen share.

The use of Prijector enables you to set up a presentation in a few minutes. Rather than connect the mac to TV with so many wires across the wall, the MacBook air to TV connection makes it wireless. This means you do not have to move to where the TV is to do your presentation or long cable running to behind the TV. It is a simple but highly effective technology.

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