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How to Incorporate Wireless Technology in your Classroom?

Classroom technology is an innovative learning approach harnessing the power of wireless technology to bring interactive learning into the classroom. Developments in the education sector such as the Scale Up project have brought up the need for education administrators to rethink classroom technology used for doing presentations and interacting with the tutor and the students.

Technology Enabled Active Learning

This is education technology developed at MIT that relies on multiple tech devices to make the classroom an interactive learning environment. TEAL uses whiteboards, multiple projectors, video cameras, and instructor workstation, and networked student computers and hand held smart devices.

TEAL is part of the larger Active Learning Classrooms system that is being adopted at many learning institutions which allow for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) where students can work in teams by doing presentations on their usual devices. Classroom Technology Solutions make this possible by offering a wireless presentation environment.

Quick setup

The Classroom Presentation System allows up to 64 users to collaborate and do presentations from their devices by wireless technology. This eliminates the need for cabling and makes for quick setups. The system uses a wireless projection hub that can connect to any screen via HDMI or VGA while projecting signals coming from wirelessly connected devices.

The wireless hub can plug into the existing LAN quickly and integrate into the network. The high bandwidth enables projection of images at 30 frames per second at an impressive resolution of 1080p.

Prijector is a cross-platform system that can work with devices on different operating systems. It supports Android, Windows, iOS, and Chrome OS. Users can download the apps allowing the connections from their respective stores

e.g. Apple users can download the app from App Store.

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Classroom Use

Prijector is a true BYOD teaching technology system. It allows students to make interactive presentations, collaborate on projects, annotate on screen, and participate in discussions from their devices; laptops, smart phones, tablets.

This is an innovative system that helps teachers make presentations and share content flawlessly with students across multiple devices. Screen presentation allows for richer multimedia content not possible on the traditional whiteboard, including video and sound. The Prijector is ideal which can be used in K12 classrooms as well as university lecture rooms.


This is a secure wireless technology that is up to educational safety standards. It allows for moderator control and has a wireless access point that can be secured with a randomly generate 6 digit pass code.

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