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Connecting ipad to projector wirelessly

Projecting your ipad on a large screen is great for presentations, demonstrations and training sessions. We know for sure that the presenting device for example a PC gets connected to the projector via HDMI to VGA cable and the MAC computer uses a VGA mini adaptor.

If we want to connect the iphone or the ipad to the projector, the only way is to establish a wireless connection. There are several ways to connect your iPad to the projector. Apple TV can be connected to the projector, using which you can perform wireless mirroring sessions from your iPad with a restriction limiting only to iOS devices.

With Prijector’s much more diversified supportive interface you can not only share from iOS devices but from other devices like Android, blackberry and Windows Phone too.

Ipad Mirroring

How to connect iPad to the projector for iPad mirroring?

Ipad Mirroring

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