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How to Connect iPad to Projector Wirelessly?

iPad is widely used as a presentation tool by teachers and business professionals. The simplest way of connecting iPad to any projector or Television is using either a HDMI or VGA Adapter. If you need to share your iPad screen wirelessly onto any display then Apple's Airplay protocol helps you to achieve this.

The only downside with using Airplay is that we need to use Apple TV which is compatible only with the iOS devices limiting wireless screen sharing only to iOS devices.

Meeting rooms and classrooms are the place where different people have different kinds of devices with them. It is always a great idea for businesses or education sectors to invest on one single device that allows wireless screen sharing from all the mobiles and laptops than to spend on different kinds of devices.

With Prijector, one can easily share the screen wirelessly from all the Operating system software's be it Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, iPad, Windows Phone and Blackberry. Just not this, Prijector also offers video conferencing. It comes integrated with industry's popular VC apps within.

iPad mirroring
  1. Let's understand how to connect iPad to the Projector and mirror iPad screen using Prijector.
  2. Connect Prijector to your projector using HDMI or VGA converter adapter.
  3. Connect your iPad to Prijector Wi-Fi or corporate network based on your requirement.
  4. Launch 'Airplay' from your iPad and select the Prijector name.
  5. Now it is sharing your iPad screen through projector.

Presentation plays a very important role in any education or corporate sectors. Prijector is an All-In-One Wireless device that is designed keeping every corporate and education scenarios in mind. It makes meetings more productive without any difficulties in setting it up.

iPad to Projector screen sharing wirelessly
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