Our state-of-the-art mirroring software is a proprietary technology that is designed to work inside enterprise environments. Our mirroring protocol uses the least amount bandwidth when mirroring the screen to make sure that your enterprise networks don't get clogged.

Prijector Architecture

Prijector Architecture

Bandwidth Requirement

Prijector Network Utilization

Prijector can be configured in three ways

Prefered Setup: This is the default setting. Prijector will be a WIFI hotspot which broadcasts its WIFI network for your presenting devices to connect. This setting is ideal for guests and company employees.

LAN Setup: This configuration enables Ethernet and turns off the hotspot. Here Prijector gets network connection only through LAN.

WIFI Setup: This configures the WIFI and disables Ethernet even when connected. Here Prijector connects to an authenticated WIFI network.

*All data is within corporate network and no data goes out of the existing network.